Sunday, April 1, 2018

Discovery walk

After Afronet, we just walked around Palenque with our group talking to people, looking at murals, and learning along the way. 

Homemade alcohol made by a resident for the holiday celebration.

Written in Spanish and Palenquero.  Restoring and preserving the rememorable history and culture of the Palenque territory. 

Town elder passing by our group

Written in Palenquero saying something to the affect that, we form a connection like woven thread we are united.  

Palenque flag and I love being Black 

Right in front of these mural was a soccer field.  None of the kids had on shoes and they looked free and happy.  Of course the BEST Boys jumped in the game.


Well ain’t that the truth!!

Written in Palenquero, general meaning is to enjoy life 

Ancestral and community house of justice

All dispute are handled here by community elders.  No police, no court system, justice a community that is united and holds each other accountable. 

Livestock everywhere!! 

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