Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Sleep over at Alex’s house

Once leaving Demetrius’ house we walked back to Alex’s place.  Dr Malik’s twins were waiting to escort her the 45 steps it took from the school to her house and I took a few pix of the BEST Boys and their friends.  

By then I sent everyone home for dinner and told them to come back at 8.  Jordan left us right before volunteering.  He and his family were going to a movie and dinner at the mall. He was doing a very good job of communicating with me about his whereabouts and well-being.  So thank you Jordan!!! 

At 8pm the boys started showing up at AlexMs house with their suitcases.  They invited themselves over for a sleepover... poor Rocha family!!!!!  Rashad’s entire family walked with him and his host brother "boo-hoo" cried from losing his new Big brother.  

Once I got the boys settled in at Alex’s House , Dr Malik walked with me to my house to buy some last minute gifts from my host dad who sells T-shirt’s and the cruise ship docks.  30 minutes into buying her shirts the 5 boys (minus Jordan because he was at the movies) walked in.  They wanted to buy shirt with their left over pesos too.  My host dad gave them food prices and appreciated the business.  

My dad and his new clients

Once they were done shopping, we made a quick snack run and we walked the boys and Dr Malik back home.  We will meet at the school at 10 and leave from there to the airport. 

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