Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pictures form Consulate Visit on April 6th

Hello everyone!

Since we were not allowed to take pix at the Consulate in Mérida the staff was kind enough to take pictures of us so you can see.  I'm sure a few of the boys are now considering careers as Foreign Service Officers working in our Embassies worldwide.  Here ya go:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chichen Itza & Our last day in Mexico

IWe've been back for a few days now but I still have footage to share.  Here are videos and pix of our last day in Mexico.

Let's start with saying goodbye to our host moms:

Then we have The pyramids at Chichen Itza:

And a short video from our buffet style dinner at one of the cenotes

Saturday, April 9, 2016

4pm Atlanta arrival

Hello everybody!! We just boarded the plane from Mexico City to Atlanta.  We will arrive at 4pm.  Pick up is in the same location where you dropped off, wait at the international arrivals exit, across from the CNN Store. 

We will see you soon!!!

Mexico City

We've landed safely in Mexico City.  It's currently 3:42am.  Our next flight is at 11:35am and we land in Atlanta at 5pm.  

As soon as we deplane we will find somewhere in the airport for us all to sleep.

Please continue to check the blog hourly and please stay by your phone for my text messages. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Early flight to Mexico City

Change of plans!!!!

Originally we were going to sleep in the airport here in Cancun until our flight tomorrow morning at 6am.  However, AeroMexico had 30+ seats open for the 1:30am flight.  We were ALL switched to that flight, including the 4 travelers who depart on Sunday.  We are all still together.  

We will get to Mexico City earlier than predicted, but we will still be on the same flight that leaves Mexico City to Atlanta.  Expect us in atlanta tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm.  Pick us up on the international side where you dropped us off.  

If you're the parent or relative of the separate group of 4 your arrival time and date in Atlanta will remain the same.  

We have the whole airport to ourselves

Chichen Itza pix

We are done at Chichen Itza and the cenotes.  Here are a few pix

Ancient Mayan observatory 

We just had dinner and are heading to the airport.

This morning- Chichen Itza and airport bound

This is just a quick check-in.  This morning at 11am we all met at the school with all of our luggage and belongings, we also bid farewell to our AMAZING AMAZING host mothers.  

This is the plan.  We leave for Mérida today and drive 2 hours to the Mayan Pyramids Chichen Itza. (We just arrived there btw) from here we will see another Cenote then drive another 2 hours to Cancun. 

We should arrive in Cancun around 8 or 9pm where we will stay/ sleep in the airport for our 6am flight.  Since the 6am check in is at 3am this plan makes the most sense.  

Our four travelers who will be spending the night in Cancun will spend 2 nights in Cancun and those travelers will received separate information for me, I ask that you just hold on while we work it all out. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

More videos from the last 2 days

Best boys playing head volleyball with new friends at Colegio Yucatan

Musical chairs at Omar's birthday party

Volunteering and bowling

After visiting El Colegio Yucatan we went our volunteer site.  

Taxi ride with some of the boys

Gifts to our teachers

My new friend Santiago blessed me by asking me to teach him how to read.  We only had time to start with the alphabet, we all have to start somewhere and it's never too late!  Great job, Santiago!

After volunteering we hit the bowling alley and some of our new friends showed up.

Bowling in Mexico

Colegio Yucatan pictures

Colegio Yucatan videos

Colegio Yucatán

Meeting other teens and visiting their schools is always our favorite part of these trips.  We are here now.  This is awesome!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Consulate general, Games, and hot cakes

After lunch our host moms dropped us off at the US consulate general so we could have a briefing with the diplomats who serve our country.  We had 3 Foreign Service Officers talk to our group about their work.  Some help Mexicans get visa to visit, work, or live in the US.  Some dilopmats help Americans abroad get medical attention, legal services, and much more.  Some diplomats work in security, some organize and make sure the consulate is well stocked and staffed.  They were recruiting our boys to join them in their diplomatic mission, I would love to see that happen!  Unfortunately we can't tak pictures there but my contact took pictures that she says she'll mail to me. 

After the briefing, our bus was outside waiting for us and they immediately took us to volunteer. 

Today we started volunteering off with board games, it was awesome!

Aaaaaand a video:

After board games we made hot cakes for the kids!!! We had sooo much fun.  Dr Malik organized our BEST Boys and we had the best hotcakes and jam ever!


Our volunteering didnt end until about 9pm but no one cared we were having so much fun.