Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday service and washing clothes 

Today’s original plan was to attend Easter Sunday service at Alex’s house then to chill the rest of the day... but that suddenly turned into us joining the entire Rocha family to their small country town by the same name, Rocha. 

Children service downstairs 

While the kids were in church I was washing clothes and spending time with my host family. The machines here wash and spin the clothes only.  You have to rinse them yourself between those cycles. And of course everyone dries their clothes on the outside line. 


Rinse in these two basins 

Spin in the machine

Washing clothes 1

Washing clothes 2

Washing clothes 3

We boarded our bus at 12:30 and off we were to Rocha, Colombia. Big Baby and Audys were kind enough to take pictures of me sleeping. LOL! 

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