Friday, March 30, 2012


We are waiting at the boarding gate.  We've made it through security.  So while we are waiting let me introduce you to B.E.S.T. Academy's extraordinary gentlemen.  Let´s go in alphabetical order.

Jabir, Robert, and Caleb

First up, Amadou.  Amadou is currently a ninth grader at B.E.S.T.  Amadou enjoys traveling, hanging with friends, doing well in school, and trying new things.  While in Panama he hopes to learn more Spanish and go to the beach.

Second up to bat, Caleb.  Caleb is a tenth grader.  He likes to write songs, rap, and listen to music.  He hopes to return from Panama with new experiences to write about.

Next we have David, who is also in the tenth grade.  David enjoys playing fotball, basketball, and video games.  He hopes to enhance his Spanish vocabulary and learn how to cook Panamanian food.

Our fourth young man is Jabir.  Jabir enjoys playing sports, reading, and sleeping.  While in Panama he hopes to improve his Spanish and visit landmarks.  He is also in the tenth grade.

 David and amadou

Last but not least, Robert.  Robert likes to play video games, study, and play piano.  He looks forward to eating new foods in Panama and enhancing his Spanish vocabulary.

It is almost time to board the plane and unable to post pictures from my phone at this time.  As soon as I can, I will.  Off we go!

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