Friday, March 30, 2012

Transporte Público

After classes the B.E.S.T. Boys were starving, but you know that Sra. Pereira is always 2 steps ahead.  I ran to the store bought them some snacks and $.50 Gatorade boxes, before they could even say they were hungry.  After they devoured the snacks they hung out with some of the Bermudan kids for a few minutes, then we headed to our volunteer spot, Casa Esperanza.  Melody was our guide and she knows her city!  First we stopped at an authentic Panamanian restaurant and ate chicken, rice, and fried plantain.

We then went to a supermarket to buy our bus passes and got on the bus.  What you don't know is what it is like crossing the street in Panama.  Caleb pointed out that "in Atlanta you can buck when you are crossing the street.  No one will hit you because they don't want to go to jail. But HERE!? THEY WILL KILL YOU!"  We did not get on the pimped out buses because there was genuine concern that the heat and lack of AC on those buses would kill us.  Instead we got on the less hot (but still hot) new buses.

At Casa Esperanza Jabir, David, and Caleb volunteered with the pre-schoolers, the had fun playing like big kids.  Robert and Amadou volunteered with the 9-12 years old for a while then went out to recess to play soccer.  Before we left we had a chance to help out in an English class for the teenagers.  There were cute girls in the class that seemed to really appreciate the help from my boys.

B.E.S.T. Boys helping out in an English class

There are certain messages that I`ve been asked to share.  David is about to go insane because he found a PSP vita for $39.99, Amadou noticed that every household has a barking dog, Jabir loves everything despite the heat,  Robert loves his neighborhood, and Caleb is loving it all.  I had a long talk with Amadou and Jabir`s host mom.  She adores them and says that you can tell they come from "very good families.  They are bien-educado"  Bien-educado best translates as well-mannered and classy.  I have not doubt that all the host moms feel the same way about my boys.  These boys are tough, fun, and open-minded; I´m so proud of them!

Today was soooo busy!  I know everyone will sleep good tonight.


  1. Good thinking on the snacks Mrs. Pereira. Is it humid there? Looking forward to seeing pictures, please post some soon. Go B.E.S.T Boys, have fun.

  2. Hi Caleb! I am glad to hear you are enjoying your trip. You will remember this experience for the rest of your life. Kudos for volunteering with the smaller children!! I love you (hope that wasnt embarassing).Love mom