Saturday, March 31, 2012

Today´s agenda

All is well today.  The boys are in class now.  After class we will head to grab a quick lunch. then head to the movies at the nearby mall.  All they learned today will be used in the mall and during the movie. 

Tomorrow we will head to the Panama Canal and the beach. 

First up though is picture taking time with the students from Bermuda.  The Bermudan girls have let me know that they think all of our boys are ¨so cute¨ and they want to take pictures with them and exchange Face Book and Twitter contact information.  The B.E.S.T.  Boys will not only have new Panamanian friends but also new friends from Bermuda.  Talk about going global...

New friends from Bermuda

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  1. Lol GIRLS! So how did the photo session with the girls go? I am really curious to know how the "pimped out" buses look. I hope you are really enjoying yourself Caleb. Love u !