Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vamos al cine

After class today we went to El Centro Comercial Albrook.  Our driver, Ricardo, dropped us off.  The mall was huge and modern.  Amadou was able to get a sim card for his phone. He now has a Panamanian phone number and can call home (or anywhere) from his cell phone.  Robert and David were happy to see all of the American brand stores and video game centers.  Jabir  and Caleb enjoyed American food for lunch and overall.  I can say that everyone liked being in the cool mall with REAL A/C!!!!

We also discovered that you have to pay $.25 cent to go to the bathroom.

After walking around, eating, and just soaking in the whole experience of being in the mall in Panama we went for a movie.  The movie experience is slightly different in Panama than in America.  You buy your ticket at the box office on the first floor, they assign you a seat, then you go upstairs to buy your snack.  The snack bar is open to everyone in the mall, not just movie goers.  The movie ticket cost $3.50 and the combo meal about $4.75.  We then saw John Carter in Spanish (no subtitles)!  The boys actually said they understood what was going on and they liked the movie.  Now they can return home in the US and watch it in English to make a comparison.

After the movie we hopped into cabs and went home, once again TIRED!

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