Saturday, March 28, 2015

Costa Rica bound

We all arrived at the airport between 3:30-4.  Everyone was anxious and excited about the upcoming adventure.  Luckily check-in was easy and the security line was the shortest and fastest I'd ever seen.  

We arrived at the D concourse 3 hours before our departure for our ft lauderdale layover and decided to use the time to change money and eat.  We had to go to the E concourse to get everything we needed. We each changed about $40usd each them took our time eating at McDonalds.  

We made it back to the D concourse and  had a surprise visit from Ms Venisee!  I knew she was coming and shortly after the boys talked about missing her she popped up.  She will meet us in Costa Rica tomorrow.  

Last usie before stepping on the aircaft.

This is Walter's first flight and it was over a beautiful, colorful sunset.  

We are now waiting at the airport in ft lauderdale for our connecting flight to Costa Rica.  We are all chilling and the boys are watching a basketball game at the closest restaurant.  I'll update you all of our safe arrival as soon as we land. 

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