Sunday, March 29, 2015

First day in Costa Rica (revised)

The boys all woke up early and ready to see the city.  We were scheduled for breakfast at 8am in each household with pick up at 9:30.  By 8:15 the kids were calling me because they were "bored".   Most of them woke up around 7 am too excited to sleep anymore.  Our program coordinators wanted to be thoughtful and let us sleep in since we got in at 1am but the boys were ready to go as soon as their eyes opened.  Our ride came around 11:30.  Cindy was our tour guide and Alejandro our driver.  

Our first stop was a short drive to neighboring cartago.  Cartago was the original capital of Costa Rica, it was later replaced by the current capital San José. 

This old church was built twice, each time being destroyed by earthquakes.  It's now a tourist attraction and garden. 

Once we left the ruins of the old cathedral Alejandro had bottled water waiting for us. ¡Gracias Alejandro! After a quick bathroom stop next was la Valle de orosi.  We went to the "mirador" (lookout), and the view was amazing.


After a few we drove down the valley to eat lunch at restaurants pipiola.  We all ate a traditional Costa Rican meal of rice, beef (or fish), fried plantains, salad, and a local vegetable called chayote.  

Lunch was great and we got a quick glimpse of where they grow the chayote. They are grown on trellises like grape vines.  You can walk under them and pull off the chayote. Here are pix of above and below the chayote. 

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  1. Hey Walter..we love and miss you..don't forget to take pictures and have fun..Auntie Tika