Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yesterday's dance class and a rainy Tuesday

Here is video footage from yesterday's dance class: 

The boys showed all their silly dance moves and learned how to hold their own in merengue.  It was lots of  fun!  

After dancing we all sat and hug out for a while.  At 5pm all the host mothers came to show their babies the way home on the bus.  Originally we paid for a private bus to take us back and forth from our houses to the school, however after seeing how well the boys are adjusting to Costa Rica the program coordinators and I agreed that the boys would have a more authentic experience traveling on the public bus in pairs.  I talked to the kids about it and they also liked the idea.  So each morning from the neighborhood they will pay 300¢ colones ( about 75cent) to get to school and in the evening we will all ride back on the bus together since we all catch the same bus and all our homes are walking distance from each other.  What do you all think of this new arrangement?  Please let us know! 

The host mothers all love the boys.  They are their "big babies" they tell me.  All the boys tower over their host mothers but are still children at heart. They are getting lots of hugs and nurturing from their new moms.  Expect them to come home spoiled rotten! 

The traffic going home on the bus yesterday was heavier than usually and we didn't get to our neighborhood until almost 6:30pm.  By 8 all the kids are their dinner with their families.  The kids do an excellent job of calling, texting, face timing me from their houses.  

At about 9 one of the students called my concerned that their roommate was have an asthma attack and coughing a lot. The other chaperones and I left out house immediately to check on him. He is just fine.  His host mother prepared a home remedy for him to stop the coughing.  I think 2 of the kids are having to adjust to the altitude difference here.  Atlanta is 1000 feet above sea level and sane Jose is almost 4000 feet about sea level.  Altitude sickness usual causes fatigue, headaches, breathing problems, but once your body adjusts after a few days the symptoms subside.  The two student who were having the symptoms are much better this morning and their mighers have already been notified. 
This morning I arrived to the school by bus before the kids but I waited at the bus stop for them to make sure they got off at the right place.  They all ended up in the same bus from our neighborhood and got here without any issues.  Woohoo! II knew they would do well.  They are all in class now.  I'm working on planned an event after or city tour today .  I'll keep you updated! 

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  1. I think its a GREAT IDEA in case they ever want to go back. I would say have a good time but i know with you they will any way!!! Tell EVERYONE I said hello