Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday afternoon

The poor livingAfter classes at 3pm we walked to the bank to change money.  Each of the students spoke to the bank teller on their own to exchange their own money.  Some were very nervous and didn't think they could find the words to get the job done, but I told them they were smart enough to figures it out, and can do it without my help.... And they did!

After the bank we jumped on our tour bus for a city tour.  We saw the whole city and learned so much here's a quick list:

1. The president lives in his original condo, not a White House type government resident.

2. Costa Rica has a universal health care system.  Incomes are only taxes at 9% to provide free health, dental, vision, etc. free of charge no matter the illness or treatment. 

3. Costa Rica has top knotch public school system and plenty of excellent private school.

4.  The University of Costa Rica is one of the best in Central America and cost $800 USD a year!!! No I did NOT forget a "0" it's only eight hundred dollars a year.  The school year is March- December, with January and February as the "summer" months.

5. Their old prison is now a children's museum. 

6. Costa Rica doesn't have an army.so all the money that most countries spend on defense Costa Rica uses for nature conservation and education.

7.  All pregnant women and children under 12 years old receive fee healthcare even if they are not Costa Rican citizens. 

8.  Escazú, is a neighborhood wheret the richest and the poorest live side by side with the rich living on the hill tops looking over then. 

9.  The costa Rican presidents live serve 4 year terms and con serve two terms but not consecutively. 

10.  The Costa Rican police department protect the outsider of US embassy.  Not the US military. 

11. China gifted Costa Rica a huge beautiful stadium.  They sent thousands of chinese construction workers to build the stadium and once it was finished they all left and returned to China.  

On the bus


Stadium gift from China 

U.S. Embassy

Downtown square

Street art

Here are a few clips for the tour:

About an hour ago we strand a little restaurant then went next door to a large restaurant with big screen tv'so to watch the soccer game. 

We are currently at a restaurant watching the Costa Rican national soccer team play the Panamanian national team in Panama.  

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