Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday morning

We just finished lunch and we are back to classes.  During the first session of their classes I got my phone activated with a Costa Rican phone number.  Since the program here gave me a cell phone I have my phone to Jahre and Walter to make sure they could contact me as needed.  That phone can only call and text locally here in Costa Rica.  The other boys have T-Mobile service which offered an unlimited international texting and data plan and have been keeping in touch with me and the chaperones that way.  So now all the kids are connected. 

I also visited the bank during their first session.  We can only change $100 per person per day, and the total amount the group needs changed is more than that. So at 3 (5pm Atlanta time) we will take a group trip to the bank to exchange money.  Followed by a city tour! 

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