Monday, March 31, 2014

A good night's sleep and 1st day of class

Yesterday after eating and McDonald's we sat in the main park and watched the different processions go by.  The park was filled with families hanging out and spending time together for the holiday season here.  

Once the sun started to set we all decided to visit each other's homes so we can all know where each person is located and also so I could meet and speak to each host mom.   Most host families have been hosting students from around the world for 20+ years, none of the families are new to this and they enjoy sharing their home as and love with others.  Each boy is living in a lovely home with nice people.  So please no worries. 

We all woke up to a cool morning in Antigua.  We were all served breakfast at our assigned host families and met at the school at 8am.    Everyone told me thatthey slept  well and ate well.  Once everyone arrived at school they all met their Spanish teachers and were divided into groups by level.  

Amadou Bah and Ms Venisee, advanced level

Amadou Bah and Dr Malik-beginners

Marcus, Cortez, and Darius- intermediate 

Lotus, Kaleb, Stigg, & Jahre- intermediate

During class we are going to walk to the bank to exchange our money to Quetzals  and tonight after dinner we will play a soccer game versus the teachers!  

The school directors Brenda and Carlos are taking great care of us here.  We just put together a solid itinerary that will work with the many processions around town and the traffic that comes with it.  

I will post the updated itinerary later today once we have the exact day/ time we will meet out penpals this week.  And I will post my Guatemalan phone number when I get the SIM card I need. 

Below you will see pix of my breakfast. 


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