Monday, March 31, 2014

Map of host family locations


Here is a map of the city and our locations.  Dr Malik and Ms Venisee are in house #1.  I'm in house #6 (the furthest from the school). And the students are in homes #2- #5.  We are all within blocks of each other and within blocks from the school.  As the furthest it takes me 10 minutes to walk to the school.  

Everyone just finished exchanging money at the bank $1 USD = $7.6 Guatemalan Quetzals.  Great math and budgeting lesson! 

We're all currently with our hosts for lunchtime and will meet at the school at 1:45 to head to our volunteer site.  We will be there from 2-5 each weekday According to Carlos they are extremely excited to have us volunteering with them, the town is smaller than Antigua so they don't get to meet many foreigner.  Ha!  For 2 weeks we get to be "the foreigners".  The kids are looking forward to meeting their "big brothers".

Keep checking the blog for those posts and pix!

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