Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aaaaannd we're off!

After a very early 4am check-in we all passed through security and boarded our plane for our short layover in Ft lauderdale.  Most of us slept on the flight, but now we are all fully awake at the Ft Lauderdale airport.  

Special thanks to all the parents for getting the boys to the airport on-time.  We all also appreciate all the people, organizations and law firms who have made individual, and group, donations to all our young travelers.  We hope that our fellow teachers, classmates, and administrators at BEST are checking our blog from time to time to join us in this valuable learning experience.  We will represent you all well while in Guatemala.

Group pic in Atlanta airport

An "usie" of most of us chilling in the ft lauderdale airport.

Ill blog again once we land in Guatemala!

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