Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arrival in Guatemala City

We have arrived in Guatemala City and the learning experience began immediately.  The boys now know all about immigration and custom procedures.  As soon as we exited we saw Mayan women with babies strapped on their back, children begging for money, and backpackers headed out to explore new lands.  Brenda, our coordinator for Spanish Academy Sevilla, was there waiting for us with a huge smile and 2 vans to transport us to Antigua.  What would normally be a 45 minute drive will be an hour and a half due to Catholic religion processions through the country.  Looks like the BEST boys will also learn about world religions first hand!  Full immersion programs are the BEST!! Teaching across the curriculum happens all day everyday, but it's all in ESPANOL!  

Students at baggage claim

1st photo of Guatemala City... Many more to come! 

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  1. It is truley a blessing that Best Boys have to be able to see and understand other cultures and travel and be able to do it with a wonderful teacher Mr's Pereria