Monday, March 31, 2014

Do they ever run out of energy?!?!?!

So after a full day of classes and volunteering the boys managed to still play soccer with the kids, then asked it I could take them to a nearby basketball court.  Since we had two hours before dinner and it was still daylight we all went to the basketball court.  There we found a local high school in the middle of a PE class in which they were learning how to play basketball.  The teacher was so happy to see our young men that he invited them to play against his students.  The girls in the class sat on the sidelines and cheered for both teams, we were "cordially invited" to visit them at their school colegio antigueƱo, but we are already planning to visit students at colegio Boston.  If it's possible to visit both we will try.  

After basketball we went to our host families to clean up and eat dinner.  At 8 we met up at the school and currently they are running around with their teachers having a blast!  Everyone was also very happy with dinner. 

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  1. Omg stiggers playing soccer lol lol now thats funny.