Sunday, March 30, 2014

Antigua, host families, and mcdonalds...?!

Our ride to Antigua took about an hour.  There were pockets of traffic that felt like the stand still Atlanta traffic, but we made it sooner than previously thought.  The precession moved to the other side of town creating a small window of time in which we could slip into the city's entrance.  Most students were able to be dropped off at the doorsteps of their new homes but some had to be met by their host moms and escorted to the family homes that were blocked off by the procession.   We were able to get a look at the very silent procession of men dressed in purple robes.  Our students did a great job of also being respectfully quiet.  
After dropping things off at host families, students were walked to the school by their host moms.  At the school we were given a quick intro to the school and the main directors.  At this point we were all starving and more than ready to eat.  According to the director the host families do not serve meals on Sunday (what?!?!) and we would have to eat out. However the bank were all closed so we couldn't exchange cash and the only place to accept debit/ credit cards was mcdonalds.  I told the boys don't get used to eating American food.  Since the boys only have cash that can't be exchanged today, the teacher paid from their debit/ credit cards to make sure we were all well feed.  
Parents if you are reading this and plan on sending money to your child via western union please send it in my name Erica Pereira.  They will not give minors the money.  So i will get it on their behalf and give it directly to them.  
As soon as I can upload video of the procession i will.  I guarantee you will be amazed. 

The lady sleeping on Marcus was a friend of people at the school and caught a ride with us from Guatemala City to Antigua.  Marcus got to see first had that this is a "close" culture.  Thank you Marcus for being a trooper and letting her rest on your shoulder!!!

Below are my first few pix taken in Antigua.

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