Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dancing with the Stars

Classes were a little different today. At 11:30 we packed up our stuff and our classes got on the move.  We walked over to the nearby mall strip and used our interaction there with store personnel and restaurants as our Spanish class.  While there we ate lunch and returned to school just in time for dance class.

El Rey Mall Food Court 

Caleb´s new favorite drink, Chicha de Piña (pineapple juice) 

 Our friends from Bermuda are gone.  We will miss them, but no worries a group from Wisconsin just arrived and they are also cool.  Since B.E.S.T. is all boys and the Wisconsin crew is mostly girls this made the perfect dance class.  Those lucky girls had a chance to dance with the stars.


Our boys learned how to dance Merengue, Salsa, and Reggaeton.  After our dance party it was off to CoastWay.... or is it called Cinta Costera?  The taxi with me David, Jabir, and Robert arrived in CoastWay and we had a great time.  We rented  bikes and rode up the coastal strip that divided the Pacific Ocean.  But what happened to the other taxi with Ms. Vennise, Ms. Malik, Amadou and Caleb?

Jabir at CoastWay on his rental bike

While half of us were bike riding and eating ice cream at CoastWay the other half of us were at La Cinta Costera.  Although they were a little scared they made it back to the school safely and without incident.  The teachers and students put their heads together and got un-lost.  I will post pictures from their journey as soon as I can. ☺

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