Monday, April 9, 2012

Immigration, Customs, and Security

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We all met up bright and early just as we planned.  Ricardo dropped us off at the airport before 6AM.  The check-in line at Delta was very long so I'm happy we calculated in extra time.  At check-in we all had to pay a $2.50 departure tax.  We originally anticipated a departure tax of $20 so we were elated that it was much less than we thought.  After check-in we had to wait in another long line to get through security.  We had to take off our shoes, empty our pockets, remove belts and jewelry, and pass through the metal detector, just as we did with Atlanta's security.  By the time we did all this it was after 7 and our flight was boarding!

B.E.S.T. Boys checking-in at Panama's Airport

The flight was great.  Most of us slept part of the way, or the whole way.


We were given immigration forms to fill out on the plane.  It asked questions like where you visited and why, if you were carrying fruit or vegetables, did you have more than $10,000 with you, and did you have anything to declare?  Once we got off the plane we waited in a long line in order to go through immigration.   The immigration office checked our passports and our forms, asked a couple of security questions, and welcomed us back home. 

After immigration we collected our checked bags and went through customs.  Customs checked our form to see if we had anything to declare, meaning did you purchase anything while you were abroad.  After going through customs we re-checked our bags and passed through security.  Once again we have to take off our shoes, empty, our pockets, and pass through the metal detector.  I could not take pictures of these procedures because they are high security areas.

B.E.S.T. Boys on the plane train at Atlanta Airport

After all that we finally took the "plane train" back to the area where we can once again collect our luggage and meet up with our families. 

Our trip is over but we will remember this experience FOREVER!

We will regroup next week to talk about our trip with our families and to start early planning for next year's adventure☺.

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