Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love Fest

I cannot go on enough about how proud I am of these 5 boys.  The school owner told me today that all of their host mothers have called her to tell her how wonderful the boys are.  They help their moms clean up, they ALWAYS greet them with the customary kiss on the cheek, and most importantly they spend time with their host families.  She says that she wishes all her students would be such great host students.  These boys know they are all that too,  they all stopped by the bakery on their way home from volunteering and bought sweets for their families.  I also want to personally thank them and let everyone know how much they have helped with Grant and Eric, my two children.  My sons now have 5 big brothers that they didn't have a week ago.  Muchas gracias chicos ♥♥♥♥♥!

OK, so back to our day.  We started off with our Spanish classes and chill time with the Bermudans before lunch.  We walked over to the main street and had lunch at a Pio Pio restaurant.  I can best describe Pio Pio as a Panamanian version of Wendy`s.  It rained pretty hard today but that was OK because it help make the temperature feel cooler.

lunch at Pio Pio

After lunch we took the new buses over to Casa Esperanza. 

men playing dominos in the street 

At Casa Esperanza the boys made themselves right at home.  Robert, Caleb, and David went in the room with the younger kids 3-6 yrs old and had a blast singing and dancing.  Amadou and jabir went with the  older kids 9-12 and had real Spanish conversations with some of the kids.

Ms. Malik and Ms. Vennise played  a customized Panamanian Monopoly with 3 very sassy and cute little girls.

Our boys listening to instructions on 
how to play a new game with the little kids. 

 Ms. Vennise and Dr. Malik playing Monopoly with
Daniela, Diana, y Rosana

Specialized Panamanian Monopoly 

Jabir and Amadou chilling with new friends

The best part of today was our return back to our side of town.  Since it was a little cooler than usual our tour guide Melody and I decided to be a little extra adventurous and take the Diablo Rojo back to Ileri.

El Diablo Rojo (Red Devil) is the nickname for the pimped out school bus public transportation.  People pack in there is no A/C and the music ((((BLASTS)))).  You can say a lot about these buses but you will never forget your first ride and you can never say they lack character.   Let the pictures speak for themselves.

We will have the same schedule tomorrow.

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  1. Awesome photos! They speak volumes and I almost feel like I'm there. Everyone and everything look amazing!

    Are the boys' noticing their Spanish conversation improving? Are they understanding others easier? Are they speaking it with more ease?

    Has anyone flushed toilet tissue? ;-) Have you all tried iguana??? Boiled? Baked? Grilled? Or fried?
    Mrs. Tanner