Sunday, April 1, 2012

¡Todos a la playa! -- We all go to the beach!

Last night Ms. Malik, Ms. Vennise, and Mr. Muhhamad arrived in Panama.  We all met at the school at 9 am and then met them at the Panama Canal.  The Canal was awesome.  There were ships passing through the canal that were so big they looked like buildings.  I swear one ship was the size of B.E.S.T. Academy High School.  At the canal we read the history in the museum dedicated to its construction.  We then headed for the beach.

Jabir, Amadou, David, Caleb, and Robert

The beach was about a 2 hour drive to the Pacific coast beach area called Gorgona.  Once again Ricardo made sure we got there and back safely.  The waves were big and rough and we laughed non-stop watching each other getting knocked over by the waves, especially the teachers!!!

 Ms. Vennise, Dr. Malik, Mr. Muhammad, Amadou
They are standing infront of beach rental tents

There are two things that my traveling crew can definitely say they`ve experienced.

#1. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean

#2. Going to a black sand beach

Some of us even tried new foods!

Once again we were tired.  Mostly everyone fell asleep on the ride back home.  All host moms were alerted and have dinner waiting for their beloved new sons.  Tomorrow is another busy day so they better get a good night´s sleep!