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jueves, 5 de abril, 2012

Our boys are just too much.  As a way to say thank you on their last day of Spanish classes they bought their teacher a rose and almost brought her to tears.  She keeps telling me how much she is going to miss them.  She has taught for years but these boys hold a special place in her heart.  I can totally relate, they are a great bunch.  They also bought roses for their host mothers and I know I will be getting rave reviews and phone calls about that!

Caleb`s family requested a family day with him, so he was released to his family for the rest of the day instead of touring with us.  They wanted to spend time with him and he also asked to help his host mother at her beauty salon.  I had a chance to talk to his host father Fernando yesterday and he says they all feel a very deep connection to Caleb.  He reminds them all of a young cousin that passed away a couple of years ago, they think he is a wonderful kid and a gift to their family.  I will fill you in on how his day went on our next post ☺

 The boys in class with their beloved teacher.

 Ms. Vennise & Dr. Malik with their teacher Tikiko

As for the rest of us, after class we went back to El Rey Mall to grab lunch and relax.  I then organized two cabs to get our group to Casco Viejo at the Plaza Catedral.  Casco Viejo is the historic district but unfortunately it is all being renovated. Once we met up there were plenty of souvenirs to buy, the only problem was that dark clouds were moving in.  There were a lot of people at the outdoor fish market.  Tomorrow for Good Friday everyone will eat fish, not meat, as a tradition.  No one will work.  It is strictly a religious and family rest day for all.

 Plaza Cathedral in Casco Viejo

 Indigenous vendor in Casco Viejo

We took pictures of the beautiful architecture and boats that were docked at the nearby port.  Then the rain began, slowly at first.  I was able to get the first group in a taxi then the rain came DOWN.  It came down tropical rainy season style, sheets and sheets of rain.

 Very expensive Condos in Casco Viejo

 Cathedral in Casco Viejo

Cinta Costera.  Look at those dark clouds coming in!
 Finally I was able to hail down a second taxi. The taxi driver had a great attitude and teased us about being wet most of the ride.  We met the other group at the school and headed to our host families.  We are meeting up at 7:30 am tomorrow, we are heading for the beach, this time on the caribbean side. Woo-hoo!

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