Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Casa Esperanza

martes 3 de abril, 2012

We started our morning with classes.  Last night was HOT!!!!  We all have the same story of not sleeping well and being stuck to our sheets.  We hope that tonight it is not so hot.  Caleb has been complaining of a head ache and I think it may be from dehydration.  I bought all the boys Gatorades and have been forcing them to drink, drink, drink.  After drinking tons of Gatorade, water, and taking an aspirin Caleb seemed to feel much better.  As classes ended it started to rain and cooled everything down just a little.

We walked over to the corner mall for lunch.  Some of us had Pizza from a pizzeria and others ate at the cheaper Panamanian spot.

 Chicken, salad, black beans, and rice

After lunch it was still drizzling and we walked over to the little mall that has a post office to send off postcards to family in the US.  We will most likely be back home before the postcards reach their destinations.

BEST Boys at the Post Office
It cost .25 cent to send a post card 

Street vendors on our way to Casa Esperanza 

We then headed over to Casa Esperanza for our last day of volunteering.  We are so grateful to Melody, who served as our escort (and teacher) each day to make sure we were safe to and from Casa Esperanza.

   David- Casa Esperanza student

 Daniela- Casa Esperanza student

 Melody (our fabulous tour guide) & Sra. Pereira (me)

Once we got back to our side of town it was time to get back to our host families for dinner and time to relax.

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