Monday, April 8, 2013

Class time

We all woke up bright and early, ate breakfast, and met at Casa Xalteva to begin our classes. This gave me a chance to catch them and get a picture of each student. Some tried to hide but under threat of physical harm ( By me) they lifted their heads and took the picture. They are all doing well.

After classes today we will go back to our families for lunch then return to Casa Xalteva to volunteer with the children.

We've been invited to a basketball game tonight. There is a very very small group of guys who play basketball here. Baseball and soccer are king and this group of 15 basketball fanatic are eager to play the sport with new people who are experienced in it. They also want to know more about American football and teach our student about their sports. Ill keep you all posted on if we are able to meet up for our game tonight.

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