Friday, April 12, 2013

Dirty clothes and bad news

Everyone is in class now. Laundry pick up came and only the teachers used the services. Most of the boys' host families washed their clothes and some of the boys (kaleb and stiggers) hand washed their own clothes and hung them out to dry. They are so hardcore, getting the full Central American experience. After the folkloric dance show last night we were supposed to go Latin dancing with the school teachers and host families but we all ran out of cordobas. We will change more money today and hopefully reschedule for tonight.

We just got a little bit of bad news ( don't panic everyone is ok). Our tour for today has been cancelled. We originally were supposed to see Masaya Volcano however due to a small eruption some fires were started in the trees on the volcano. The government is being very "hush-hush" with details because they don't want to scare away tourist or panic the locals. Their initial story was that a local person hunting in the woods accidentally started a fire, but word of mouth has revealed that it was a lava related fire. The last time this happened they closed the volcano for 3 months. We were really looking forward to this experience, but this is beyond anyone's control. Anywho, we won't be able to go there. The program is finding another outing for us and we we should still be able to see the volcano Cerro Negro tomorrow in Leon.

Ill keep you posted as to what we do
later today.

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