Monday, April 15, 2013

On the road again

You've never seen such a group of sad people until you've seen us being dropped off by our host families two by two at Casa Xalteva. Our students held their host moms, dads, and siblings tight with big puppy-dog eyes. Some of the kids have been begging me for "just one more week in Granada". We are all sad to leave but we will also all be happy to see our loved ones back home.
We are currently on our bus headed to the airport. We will arrive in Atlanta at 9:35 am Tuesday morning. Before our ride our guide Andres read us a very sweet text message from the school director and we gave him an Atlanta braves hat as a thank you gift. We also had a moment of silence for the victim and families affected by the Boston Marathon bomb attacks.
Be safe everyone and stay tuned we are on our way home and I will keep posting until we are there!

- ❤ Mrs P

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