Saturday, April 13, 2013

New haircuts and a road trip

I'm so tickled by Kaleb and Stiggers. Kaleb didn't get a chance to cut his hair before our trip and has been wearing hats for a week. Well I guess he for tired of those hats and decided to get a haircut. Stiggers wasn't going to be left out and went along to get a haircut too. How do they look you ask? Fantasticos!!! They had no problem cutting our hair into the style they wanted. They went together (without my help) and communicated wheat they wanted! You have no idea how much this tickles me; these boys are fearless international pros!

Last night chaperoned by teachers, chaperones, and host families we went out dancing. Half of the boys danced a little even asking girls to dance in Spanish "bailamos?" They remembered the songs and dance moves that I'd taught them in class and that they'd learned here in Nicaragua. The other half were petrified and had to be coaxed to get out on the dance floor. When we get back ill tell you which boys danced and which didn't, if you think your son is too shy to dance you will be in for a surprise! We had great fun and got home very early to get ready for our road trip to Leon.
We are currently on the bus. Stay tuned for our next update and check out these cute haircuts!

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