Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Las Isletas del Lago Nicaragua

Our tour today was another great one. Lake Nicaragua is the only fresh water lake to have shark, sawfish, and tarpon, it is also Central America's biggest lake. To look at it is like looking at the ocean it's huge and stretches as far as the eye can see. To see Mombacho Volcano behind this enormous body of water is a sight to behold. When Mombacho Volcano erupted a long time ago it spit out large rocks that formed 365 Isletas (little islands) in the lake. Some islands are vacation homes for the wealthy, other are homes for the average Nicaraguan and others are restaurant tourist destinations.
Here are a few pix from my phone. I have about 30 more from today that you'll have to see when we get back home.
Tomorrow's agenda includes classes, 4pm basketball & football game with Nicaraguan friends who want to learn more about the sports.

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