Friday, April 12, 2013

La Laguna de Apoyo

Since Masaya Volcano was closed we ended up spending a nice relaxing afternoon at La Laguna de Apoyo. We didn't want to leave. We had so much fun in fact that I just realized that I didn't take any pix with my iPhone (to share with you). I took all the pix on my regular camera and I don't have a way to upload them while here :-(
Since we didn't go dancing last night we will as a group for a short while tonight. Then we have to be at Casa Xalteva at 8am in the morning to head to Leon for our little weekend excursion. Our tour guide, Andres, is AWESOME. He's very funny and he has taken great care of us every step of the way. I have to make sure we do something special for him before we leave.
Today we also gave BEST Academy t-shirts to the 3 instructors who've been teaching the boys at Casa Xalteva. I also have pictures in my camera but not my phone. I have no idea how I didn't take pix with my phone today. Ill do better tomorrow, I promise, LOL.
Below is a pic of Andres, our tour guide. This was taken early on in the trip,
Ill be posting from the bus in the morning .

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  1. Hello from Chicago! I'm Franklin's maternal grandmother's 1st cousin (guess that makes me Franklin's 3rd). I'm so excited by the AWSOME opportunity/experience provided these young black men. Broadening their view of the world, other cultures and, in turn, themselves is priceless. My experiences living 15(of my 74 years)at verious times in other countries was a game changer for me. Kudos to you, BEST Acadamy, and the parents who made this life changing experience possible for these boys!

    Leo F.

    P.S. This my 1st blog posting attempt--I hope it works...