Monday, April 15, 2013

Group presentation, bug bites, time-out for two

Last night's curfew was extended to 8. The boys wanted to go out for pizza together in a big group. They were very surprised when I "popped-up" on 4 of them returning late at 8:17 (17 minutes after curfew). One boy hid from me behind a car, then took off running full speed all the way home once I approached his terrible hiding place. As much as I wanted to be mad I couldn't help but laugh at these fools. It was our last night in this fabulous city and I had a feeling the rules would be bent a little. Since it wasn't too late and they were genuinely apologetic they got off with a warning.
This morning we represented our black history presentation for the younger students and we also danced the electric slide, Cupid shuffle, and the wobble for them. After our presentation I gave the kids free time from 10:30- 1. Some of them hung out at the school using its wifi and chilling with the teachers that they've grown close to. Others made their last rounds at the bakery and pulperia. Some went back home to take a nap and eat lunch. At 1 we met up at the school.
As soon as I approached the school I got news that some of our boys were playing football in the street and hit a power line, sending sparks flying and almost taking down the line. Accidents happen, HOWEVER, I'd already told these boys not to play football in the street.... Several times. They intentionally ignored my safety rules... And they know me well enough to know that I don't play that. These two young men are currently on lock-down in their home while the rest of us are playing basketball and eating pizza. I have always made myself very clear that following my instructions is vital for everyone to remain safe and out of harms way. For those who cannot follow simple instructions staying home in "time-out" is the only way that I can make sure they are not a distraction to real issues that I must handle, like Amadou's bug bites and another student's missing money.
I will be checking on my sad sad time out young men shortly. Until then we will continue to enjoy our last few hours here.

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