Friday, April 10, 2015

Bugging out at the University of Costa Rica

Immediately after our small graduation ceremony we didnt have any time to lose, we had an appointment at the University of Costa Rica, we would do a little informal tour of their campus and also visit their insect museum.  The boys' teachers were our tour guides. 

UCR tour video:

Their campus was lovely and included so many different schools of study.  Finally we arrived at the "insectarium" to learn about the many many insects of Costa Rica and other parts of the world. 

After the official museum part the museum curator took us to the petting zoo part of the museum.  Only me and one of the boys were brave enough to "pet" the insects! 

Touching bugs and eating bugs at the UCR video:

Insect museum curator 

Insect museum video:

Once we were done at the insect museum we hung around campus.  Some of the kids made friends and played games. 

Chilling on campus at UCR:

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