Thursday, April 2, 2015


Today we visited the Vista de Mar orphanage.  Most of the children here have been abandoned, don't have living family, or were taken from their families due to violence and abuse.  The orphanage cares of newborns until 13 years old.  Once they turn 13 they move to an orphanage for teens that can properly serve their teenage needs.  

All of the children are in therapy to learn how to express their feelings about the extreme losses that they have all suffered.  I encouraged the boys to be loving, playful, and thoughtful.  Basically they just needed to be themselves.  Only the video can properly tell you how the did their jobs.  

Hopefully we were helpful to the caretakers in the infant room.  The infant room had 10 children and only 2 caretakers who worked 5 days on, and 5 days off.  We played with them, fed them, then put them to sleep. 

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