Friday, April 3, 2015

El parque la savana

Today was Good Friday and everything is basically closed, except the park.  This was our big chance to get the boys to a basketball court to play and release their never ending energy.  

Video: park tour

Playing into the night:

Basketball with new friends

Woman selling mango

The bee that stung one of our students.  Yikes!  He's fine though.

Chilling on the park bench

Buying salted mango slices

Horse- available to ride 

This shirt says "Army, no!" Reflecting the fact that Costa Rica doesn't have an army.

Paddle-boats for rent

Taking a picture in front of the colorful tree bark.

Jahre taking a pic with a new friend.  Plenty of Rasta love in Costa Rica.  Pura vida.

Pictures with friends. 

Things were going pretty well at the park until the boys started beefing among themselves.  One of my major rules is that we must stay as united group, we are at out best when we lift each other up and build on our strength.  As expected with teenagers and with boys specifically that is often a very complex concept to grasp.  I have made it clear to the beefing young men that I have no problem sending any of them home if my energy must be used to keep them from being a danger to themselves and to each other. My main purpose here is deliver a much needed service to them and our community, if they are unable to receive this well they distract from those who are and need their negative energy removed to keep the group as a whole moving in the right direction.  The students of which I speak have already had their parents notified, so if you don't know what I'm talking about you have no worries.  

Tomorrow morning we will wake up at 5:00am to catch the bus to Manuel
Antonio National Park.  

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