Sunday, April 5, 2015

The worst hostel ever

Yesterday after all the fun and sun we went back to the hostel around 6pm.  The hostel was soooo disgusting, we all tried to have a positive attitude about it but once the crew heard me say it was nasty, they knew it had to be bad.  Unfortunately we reserved this hostel through the language school, so I wasn't a part of finding the school.  By the time we got to Manuel Antonio most decent and affordable places were booked.

As soon as the female chaperones got a good look at the room they insisted on spending whatever necessary to rent a much nicer hotel room on the same compound as the much cheaper hostel.  After eating the ladies headed to their rooms while I hung out with the boys until they tired out.  They woke up at 4am and were ripping, running, jumping in the hot sun all day I figured that if I kept them going they would eventually fall out and not notice so much how gross the room was... after all they are teenage boys right?!  Times like this I'm thankful that I teach all boys, there is no way a girl was going to stay in this dump!  

Video of our hostel: 
The video actually makes the hostel look GREAT!

For hours I let the boys talk pool side about basketball, music, and all things Costa Rica.  Finally it was lights out time so we went in their room for them to fall asleep, this is when the hilarity began.   Their jokes about how dirty it was, lizards in the room, afraid to turn out the lights had me in tears from laughing.  When we have our post- Costa Rica meeting I will let them tell you about he hostel themselves so you can get a good laugh.  

Two of the boys created what they called "hazmat" suits that prevented them from touching anything on the beds, one boy unsuccessfully tried to sleep standing up with his head on the wall.  One kid begged me to sleep outside on the lawn chairs (I said no, by the way). 

"Hazmat" suit.  Pants in socks sleeping with hood and shoes on! 

The jokes they had were too numerous to count but here are some of the hilarious winning comments of the night lets see if you can tell which comment belongs to your son: 

- Mrs Pereira, this place is disgusting, if we sleep here we will get hepatitis F, G, and H!!
- There's a lizard in here?! Oh hell no!! Ms Pereira I can't sleep with no lizard looking at me. 
- wait?! Is this hair in my bed? Someone left a rolled up piece of hair in my bed! I can't do it pereira, I can't do it!!!
- Ok so what I'm going to do, is sleep like this so I don't touch nothing and nothing touches me... I'm pretty sure someone was murdered in this bed. 
- Pereira, I put my sheets on a lawn chair outside, I'll just take my chances outside  in the jungle, ok? There's an extra chair out there is anyone wants to come...
- pereira why do you have us sleeping in a slave ship?! I saw Roots this is a slave ship... I don't care what you say! 

During their complaining one by one they fell asleep.  Once they were all asleep I turned out their lights, sat outside their room for 20+ minutes to make sure they were completely asleep, and then went up to the clean hotel with the other chaperones.

The next morning the boys were all pretty mad at me, but they survived the night.  Parents your kids are now ready for their college dorm rooms and Vietnam war style living conditions.  I woke them up at 7am right after I bought the entry tickets to the national park.  They were still tired from all the previous day's action, and from the complaining before they finally collapsed into a deep sleep. 


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  2. Mrs Pereira what is your pay pal email address so I can send you dems cash. Email me it at

  3. Mrs Pereira what is your pay pal email address so I can send you dems cash. Email me it at

  4. I'M so glad that they had this experience. Every travel has its good and bad. This was the bad just one more thing to add to there lessons of life. I bet Stiggers said let's him sleep outside. Lol lol
    Love y'all Mrs Stiggers