Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Movie time- Home!

After cooking class we headed to the mall to watch a movie.  I chose the Disney cartoon "Home" for my students at 6:30pm.  I thought I would get some push back from the boys for choosing a "kiddie" movie but surprisingly I didn't have any complaints.  Our tickets cost $1600 colones which is almost $4USD!!! In Latin America movie theatre seats are assigned.  After you buy you ticket the U show you the seating chart and allow you to choose your seat.  Can you guess the cultural reason why? I'll give you a moment to think about it..... On Latin America friends, family, and the people in you life are more important than anything. , movie theaters want to make sure they are not splitting up groups (or even pairs) who want to be together.  Have you ever gone to the movies in the US only to find the movie packed and your sitting between strangers while your friends are not even in sight? That is pretty much unheard of here.  We chose our seat but later had a good laugh because we though we chose the back of the theatre when we really chose the front!! Oh well, you have to learn to laugh at yourself as you travel.  

Sweet and salty popcorn 

Video of our movie experience:

After buying tickets we bought food.  I chose a fanta drink with mixed sweet and salty popcorn, it was delicious gourmet-like popcorn.  Some of the kids ordered hamburgers, chicken nuggets and other meals. We were done buying food by 6:10, buy them had to stand in a line for the next 25 minutes, waiting for the previous movie to end, for the people to leave, and for the theatre to be cleaned. 

The boys seemed to enjoy themselves.  I'm sure they didn't get every word but understanding everything is not necessary they got the gist and seemed to like the movie.  After it was over we got back on the bus.  The other chaperones and I walked the kids home and are in for the night.  

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