Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Offensive words and yoga with clowns

After spending the previous evening on lock down the morning today started out pretty well.  The offending party made his sincere apologies and seemed super ashamed of his behavior.  I don't hold grudges, the group took their punishment so we were all ready to move on.  I gave the students our schedule for the day.  The plan was to finish classes at 3, do a yoga class, then go to the same mall they were restricted from going to last night.  We would have to leave right after yoga class at 4pm to beat the traffic to the mall.  
While finishing up the last 20 minutes of class before the lunch break I got a text from one of the chaperones that one of my little angels was asking the teacher how to curse in Spanish, specifically the "F- word".  Why do they want to test my gangster so soon after being on lock down.  I'm tired of talking about minor offenses.  I immediately took him out of class, made sure he was served his lunch early, then took him straight home.  Where he was put in "time-out".  
I returned to class and shortly after it was Yoga-time.  Before yoga the boys tried to negotiate their friend's freedom, I was not interested, he'd only been in isolation a short while, he definitely needed more time alone. 

Yoga class was hilarious!  The boys were not excited about it at all, but once we got started the whole class was full of laughs.  The poses were very difficult  and as soon as we started the chanting it took all that we had to know roll on the floor laughing!  It was the good kind of silly that I like to see the boys having that doesn't involve offending others or negativity.  The instructor was great! Be had fun with us but still kept the class  focused and on track. 

^^^^ this is what it looks like when clowns do yoga!  We were cracking up!

And of course I have video clips: http://youtu.be/F_YGlOCy3bY
I wasn't able to record the funniest parts with the chants because that was supposed to be our meditation.  We definitely needed this good laugh together.

After yoga, each chaperone took a group into a taxi and we met up at the multi plaza mall.  The mall wasn't big but it was sparkly beautiful with all the expensive stories you would find in the US.  I gave the boys the chance to walk around to gather and we arrange a few meet up times.  They all did as they were asked.  ¡Muy bien chicos!  We stayed there for a few hours then headed home for dinner. 

Squeezed in a taxi on the way to the mall

Costa Rican artist celebrating CR's Caribbean coast

And of course I have a video clip of the mall. http://youtu.be/CSWLB6pJZIk

Stay tuned for pix and videos in the morning I'm sure they will have lots to share with their new friends. 

Tomorrow should be a great day.  If someone is crazy enough to get themselves in trouble, they will miss out on aaaalllll the fun.  We will spend 8:30- noon with a local high school.  After that the kids will have their last 2 hours of Spanish class then they can chose between another dance/ yoga/ cooking class.  After that we will return tot he mall to see Los rapidos y Los furiosos 7 (the fast and furious 7) en Español of course!    

Thursday morning in will also be spent at the high school again with a sports activity, then we will tour the University of Costa Rica in the afternoon!  I really want us to do something special Thursday night since it will be our last night here.  Once we figure that out, I'll let you know 

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