Wednesday, March 28, 2018

After dinner family movie

After dinner I enjoyed sitting and relaxing with my family as I hope the others did too.  By the time I got to the center most of the kids were in Alex’s upstairs room watching a movie with his kids.  I teased him and his wife that I bet they didn’t know that inviting BEST also meant they also adopted 6 more sons.  They didn’t mind at all and loved that their place was the hangout spot.  

After a while we all walked to the store together for drinks and snacks.

The store run was pretty quick and we all returned back to the movie, with a few breaking away to play Dominos, Colombian style.

I made everyone head home at 9:30. Alex’s sons took Jordan and Demetrius toward their homes, Big Baby was already home, and I took Rashad, DaSean, and Jaedyn to their homes.

Alex says that in addition to the families loving us, that now the other neighborhood families want to host groups too!  I love how we all effect each other equally and that it spreads like wild fire.  This is how global change is made home to home, heart to heart. 

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