Monday, March 28, 2016

Folkloric Dance of Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico

After our ridiculously looooong ride from volunteering to the cathedral we found seats in the plaza bought food and just chilled in the park like everyone always does throughout Latin America.  People do not sit home in front of the tv, binge eating until they fall asleep.  In Spanish speaking countries it's all about spending time in the park with your family.  Once the sun has set and the breeze gets going that is he perfect time.  Here is a little clip of the park and a beautiful building we stopped in for a bathroom stop.  The lady in the visor is GS3, Nokio, and alpha's host mom.  She was confused with the names, she is NOT Michael's host mom. 

Let the dancing begin!!

The grand finale was "DOPE!" as the kids would say.  Every those who said (or wanted to say) it was "boring" checked to make sure i had it on video.  Take a look because they are doing some serious dancing and twirling with full bottles of beer on their heads, and full trays of glasses of water, etc.

It's midnight here, I'm about to go to sleep.  The kids were begging for showers and their beds by the time the show ended.  I hope they are all sleeping well.  We'll be up and at it again, bright and early.  Stay tuned!!

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