Thursday, March 31, 2016

Paintball rescheduled, and volunteering

After lunch we met up at the school at 4. I was late because I had to pick up money at western union.  If you haven't sent your portion yet please send to: 

 Erica Pereira
In Mérida Mexico

Then please text me the transaction number.  

So basically Western Union must think I'm laundering money or something because when I gave them my list of transaction numbers sending me money from the US, the employee decided to consult the manager.  I explained the situation but just in case they act crazy when I go to collect more money tomorrow... Who's going to organize my bail money gofundme account?!?!?! (Just kidding)

Dr Malik and Ms Culbreth's bus never came to get them from home to our private bus so I told them to go home and take the evening off, Mr Blackmon, Mr. Swann, and I had it covered.  The boys decided that they rather go to paintballing tomorrow after classes so they'll have more time.  I can't wait to see this!! Stay tuned!!

Today's assignment was to once again exercise with the kids then to clean up litter and garbage from the neighborhood field.  We spent most of the time doing that, but still included tree climbing and play breaks.  Watching so many friendships develop is beyond awesome!

Sheldon has an admirerer, a very CUTE admirer!! 

Clap games with the girls 

Silly bus fun!

Waiting for buses back home

More pix from yesterday and Monday below: 

Atlanta meets Mérida

The BEST chaperones a girl could ask for!!! I LOVE this crew 💗💗💙💙

We are all doing great.  Everyone is getting along with everyone so well and all the happiness just spills over to their teachers, the host families, and the volunteer community.  Good job boys!  Keep up the good work, this is only the beginning we have a whole world to see. 

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