Monday, March 28, 2016

Snacks, Money exchange, books, & buses,

During then class break we all went to a nearby convenience store.  The kids wrecked shop buying snacks.  After that we went to the mall across the street from the school where everyone exchanged dollar to pesos.  If you need to send more money for your son please send it to me via western union and I will give it to them (the will not let minors recieve money). 

After that we went back to classes and finished of the lessons that they'd started.  The program forgot to fracture in the $20 book costs, they send their sincerest apologies for their mishap.  Most of the kids have paid their $20 so that cut into their snack budget a little. The book will be these to keep forever, so at least they will have something to show for it.  

Bus route map

Our little host mothers.  My host mother comes up to my elbow!!  She's wonderful though... They all are!

Bus ride home. 

After classes our host mothers were there to take us home by bus.  The bus costs 7 pesos which is less than 50¢ each way.  We are all home for lunch right now.  After lunch at 3:30 our time (5:30 your time) out host mothers will take us to our volunteering site.  We have lots of amazing toys for them and we look forward to meeting our new friends. 

One of our students isn't feeling well.  His parents have been contacted.  Nothing serious, his host mother and I are i top of it and his dad agree that after a little rest he'll feel better soon. If you haven't been contacted, done worry it's not your son who in referring to.  I'll be posted a few more times today so please continue to check in regularly. (((❤️)))


  1. ��have fun you guys! I feel like im there

  2. Hope he is feeling better! How great that everyone will be able to take their course books home with them!

    -Courtney and FLYTE

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