Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Volunteering magic

There is definitely magic that happens between these very 2 different group of kids.  It's a great example of how the core of humanity is the same and how that core transcends nationality, religion, language, and culture.  

Our students' assignment today was to do exercise drills.  Michael and Javon led that, then marching drills led by Mr Swann. After that was arts and crafts time.  I'll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves! 

The sign they had made for us!! I almost cried y'all!!! I'm a G like 95% of the time then something like this happens.  So sweet!  Our BEST boys have truly gone global.

Video is military marching:

Chaperones with Laura the Director of el Renacer de Mayab

Quran and kids

DeSean, Omar, and kids


Art activity

Dr Malik and her little ladies

Dulce and Sheldon

DeSean, Immanuel, Dra Malik, and the artistas 

Alpha, Rashad, and Nokio showing off the paper airplanes they made with friends 

Rashad and Omar 

Michael Brenden and friends

Michael and his new friend.  So cool!! 

Dulce, Sheldon, and friend

Quran working hard to teach our friends the art project 

Quran and the little ladies

Nokio and friends 

The BEST boys didn't want to leave and  the the Mayab kids didn't want us to leave, tomorrow we will be back!

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  1. These volunteer pictures are wonderful! It looks like the kids that they were working with loved them!