Thursday, March 31, 2016

Getting beat by the heat

First let's start with the paintball video:

All the kids didn't participate but all attended except one, who was running an errand for with the female chaperones.  The guys and I held it down with the paintballing.  While I tried not die of heat stroke Mr Blackmon and Mr Swann yelled out battle strategies and proper protocol to the boys.... Yet another reason I'm grateful for my chaperones.  It's a great blend of the masculine and feminine energy that they need to help them flourish while outside of their comfort zone. 

I promise you that we have taken many many precautions to beat the heat but this heat is serious.  One of the students got sick, we are assuming it was from the heat, his parents were contacted we let him rest.  We also relieved him of his duties at the volunteer location and let him rest with Gatorade.  

Since it was sooooo hot we started off our time with riddles.  We just sat in the shade and Amanda (one of the assistant directors) and I translated the riddles into English and Spanish so that both groups could understand and get the chance to respond.  The kids had to raise their hands and wait to be called on to answer.  If they were correct they could get a piece of candy.  This was actually pretty fun.  Some riddles got lost in translation becaus the play on words didn't match.  For example, our popular riddle "what's black and white and red all over" doesn't work because the color red and the verb to read aren't homophones like in English so in Spanish it makes no sense whatsoever!!! We still made the activity happen.  

Once it the sun started to set the kids started playing as they always do.  While playing one of the students twisted his ankle but nothing too serious, and his family has also been notified.   Coincidentally, he was roommate with the student who wasn't feeling well so once we get back to the school I took them back to their host family to make sure their host mother put a ice pack on the hurt ankle and gave plenty to drink for the possible dehydration.  

While I was there I took it upon myself to take pictures of their house!  Aren't you happy that I'm so nosy!!! You know you want to see it!! Well here you goes GS3, Alpha, and Nokio's homes:

Indoor garden

So say they love it there and they love the family sooo if they love it I love it too.  I hope to post more home pix tomorrow, I've asked the boys to send me pix so I  can put up nosy-people posts by household.  If you're reading this, it's already Friday in Atlanta... Have a great day!  

*we won't volunteer tomorrow, instead we wil go to a cultural Mayan event!*

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  1. It is so cool to see where you guys are staying, and get a glimpse into the home life of the families!

    Courtney and FLYTE