Monday, March 28, 2016

Volunteering at Renacer de Mayab

Ok so after lunch each respective host mom took their "sons" to the cathedral as a central meeting place.  The bus ride took about 15 minutes or so from our house.  Once at the cathedral we all met up and everyone (including host moms) got on a bus to take us to our volunteer site.  The ride was looooong and the place was FAR!!! I've already let Jose Luis know that we need a different means of transportation to get there, we are now looking at getting a private van (or 2) to take us to cut back on travel time and to ensure the highest level of safety.  I'll keep you updated on that.  Although our  sick student felt better he asked to stay home.  He was left under the care of his adult host sister and other family members.  I checked on him periodically via text and he was doing just fine.  

Went we finally got to our volunteer site it was love at first site.  Even though we are serving younger kids they couldn't wait to start playing... They meaning the ever energetic Besy Boys!!! Our original plan was icebreaker S and introductions but that quickly turned into soccer games, foot races, and a variety of ball games.  They all had aoooo much fun.  

Our host moms and Jose Luis

Public hospital where our volunteer coordination Laura met us. 

These two amazing men constantly verifying why our male chaperones are sooooo important.  They protect us like warriors and are amazing role models for our young men.  Thank you to Mrs. Blackmon for sharing your husband and shout out to the US military for producing a bilingual soldier that would someday decide to give back to his community... You guys are GREAT! 

When I asked "who wants to help wash dishes?" These two guys jumped to the task.  Muchas Gracias💙

Time to give away toys!!! Ms Culbreth TOTALLY saved the day on this one... If you don't know her let's just say she is known for saving the day.  Friday before we left I was asked to bring gifts for 35 kids.  How on earth could I do that with NO MONEY?!?!?! Ms Culbreth is how.  Thank you sis!!! 💗

After handing out aaaaaalllll the toys we headed back to the cathedral.  Our host mothers insisted on taking us to a FREE folkloric dance show.  I have great videos and pix to share of the show... In the next post. 

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  1. These pictures are so great! I hope that you are able to get your transportation all sorted out so you can get there and back safely. :-) The kids look so excited to be playing with the boys!

    -Courtney and FLYTE