Sunday, March 27, 2016

Videos from 1st day in Mexico

C'mon now... You know I have videos for you!!! I'm finally with my host family with good strong wifi.  It's 10:17pm here we are 2 hours behind you.  Enjoy the videos. 

Getting off the plane in Cancun, Mexico

Dinner at Restaurantr Doña Tere.  (Somewhere between Cancun and Mérida)

Meeting our host families in the park!
They are living and happy to meet us. 

So far everything has been easy peasy, the boys are great, the chaperones are wonderful, and the people assigned to take care of us here have covered all the bases.  I'll check in again in the morning with more info. 


  1. I love the video of them meeting their host families! Cool to see who you guys will be living with!