Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Getting passed by, eye drops, paintball, and Western Union

My breakfast

This morning we were all late to class because the buses kept passing us by.  That's just how it is.  Once they are full, or if the driver is in a mood they pass you.  The teachers and host families say they also get the same treatment so it's no because we are "foreigners" it's more like we are being given the local treatment. 

"Mérida for all"
This is imprinted in the concrete all over the city.  Since we wait for the buses for so long we have time to take pictures of things like this, LOL! 

We all finally got to school and classes begun right away.  While the kids were in class I walked to a nearby pharmacy with one of the students who is having an eye issue.  His eye is irritated and red, it looks like an allergic reaction to something.  The pharmacist looked at it and prescribed him the needed eye drops.  He's doing just fine and his family was notified.   Our student who was sick with a stomach ache a few days ago is back at 100% the next day and we are happy to have him back with the crew. 

Eye drops

After returning from the farmacy, Mr. Swann and I walked to a nearby paintball field and arranged for us to go paint balling after lunch right before our volunteering.  The paintball center provides all equipment and 100 paintballs for $55P.  Do the math and you see it's a great deal!  The kids are excited. 

After arranging the paint balling I went to Western Union, but I was unable to withdraw the money because I needed my original passport not just a copy. I'll go back after lunch and before paintballing.  

So far everything's great.  Everyone is happy, they are being spoiled by their host moms, rashad, Omar, Brenden, and Jordan have a jacuzzi at their house!  Here is a pic of them with their host sister. 

She's 25... She's not interested.. Don't jump to conclusions.  The boys WISH!!!