Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The BEST transportation decision

Thank you everyone who commented and texted me about our bus situation.  You all overwhelmingly chose to hire the private bus. 

So please send $23 via Western Union to Erica Pereira in Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico you can use the link WesternUnion.com

I will go pick up money tomorrow.  I need it ASAP since the bus service has started today.  Here's a pic of the bus: 

Apparently all our cute host moms have a what's app chat group and they agree that the private transportation is most reliable and our safest option, they want you all to know that is the best for "our sons".  

Here is a video of the bus: 

Since making the decision we recieved lots of verification that it was the BEST choice.  

Verification #1.  We had to wait for 40 minutes for our bus to get back to the school. 

Verification #2. The other chaperones were passes by their correct bus 3 times, got fed up, and took a different bus getting lost for over an hour.  

Verification #3. A group of students' bus never came, so their host mother dropped them to the school. 

This unreliable bus service was nothing more than an inconvenience in the safe beautiful fancy areas that we live in, but getting stranded FAAAAR out were the volunteer site is would be nightmarish... And Mrs Pereira is about only making the sweet dreams come true.  

Once we got to the volunteer site all the bus issues were ancient history because the kids enjoy each other soooo much and they had a great time.  Check the next post for videos and pix. 

Thanks for everything you guys, sending much love from Mérida (((❤️)))


  1. I hope enough room for me And Stigg😆

  2. Glad that you were able to find a better, safer option. Hopefully this is much smoother for your group!

    -Courtney and FLYTE