Friday, April 1, 2016

Classes and punishment

Yesterday we figured out an additional bus that can get most of us to and from home and school.  With the additional option most of us got to school at a reasonable time!  Woohoo!  Classes began and I tried my best to hand out the Afterschool All-Star T-shirts, we didn't have the correct sizes for everyone, but we tried our BEST.

While the kids were in class I went to Western Union.  My name has been flagged for frequent transactions and I probably won't be able to withdraw more money until tomorrow. 

After classes I put all the kids on their buses and gave them specific instructions to go straight home, eat, rest, then meet up for our event tonight at 7pm.  One group of boys' host's mother has been concerned because they came home very late yesterday, they blamed the bus... Which is believable.  As smart as these three boys are, they weren't smart enough to realize the I put them on the bus and timed them today and asked their host mother to call me when they arrived.  It "somehow" took them over an hour to get home it's a 15 minute ride.   They allegedly stopped to get something to drink, why would they do that? They had drinks a day home.  Don't play with me little boys, your safety is my first priority and if you can't follow simple instructions I will revoke your freedom.  These young men will now have reflection time at home (without wifi), they will not participate in the activity tonight and if I'm still pissed they can stay home tomorrow too. 

Tonight we will watch a Mayan ball game match.  This sport was played thousands of years ago.  The ball weighs 30lbs and must be put in a hoop that is 13 feet off the ground.  You can't use your hands or feet to move the ball though.  We are all excited to see it.  I'll keep you posted.  

All parents with sons on lock-down have been notified via text message.  If you haven't been notified don't worry, it's not your son.  But you may want to reiterate to your son that they need to be responsible and follow my directions exactly as they are given... No deviations.  Even when they don't see me I still see them. There is a network of people looking at them and they all report back to me.   

I'll post lots of pix and video from tonight's show as soon as we get back.  

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