Monday, April 4, 2016

The Stiggers are here & Gran Plaza Mall

When the bus dropped us off in front of the school after the Cenotes. We were all ready to go home but not to stay home. 

I send everyone home with the promise of a later outing.  As soon as the kids got on their buses, we went to get Stigg and his mom from the bus station which was right next to the school.  Since Ms Stiggers will take Tanya spot at our host's house our host mom came for her and we all returned home together.  Stiggs host mom came to get him to he could live with his two long time buddies, Kaleb and Marcus. 

Once we got most of us ate dinner and had about an how to relax.  During that time I talked to Sophia, the leader of the host moms and she used their "whatsapp Chat group" to organize all the host moms.  We decided that they would take the boys to a different nearby mall to meet up with me and the chaperones... while they hung out at a restaurant.  We met at 7 and the mall closed at 9. So he boys had two hours of walking around and meeting friends their age. It was pretty cool watching them get around in Spanish.  I don't have pictures of them but I will try to get some of the boys to text me be picture they took of themselves. 

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